Internship Cover Letter Example & How-To (2023 Guide)

Written by Mark DeGrasso

March 16, 2023

When completing an internship you will need a cover letter on the form. Your application letter must match the internship in which it is based and should provide examples relating to your work, academics, or extracurricular experiences. The best cover letters for interns are written by the hiring manager. When no work experiences are available, you could also involve school activities, volunteer work and educational experiences.

Include your name, date, location, and contact information

Add a Date To an Internship Cover Letter

Although some companies do not recommend using Recruiters Tracks, chances are that many companies that are looking at you are likely to use them for your application process. This requires your company to appear in a human and automated recruitment system. Has anyone ever been accused of stealing credit from someone who wrote their name into SAT tests? The same is true if you include contact details in your interview cover letter. Give the recruiter a quick contact information and email address.

State the Position You’re Applying For in the Opening

Internship Cover Letter Examples

Recruiters hate a simple and generic cover letter or resume. Approximately 48% of recruiters and hiring managers are afraid of reading your cover letter. It’s easy and simple to list the roles you want in a letter. Tell me the easiest method for writing your cover letter: Thank you Jacobs! I am very excited about applying to a Communications Assistant internship at UNDP.


Highlight Your Qualifications

Demonstrating your suitability to a new company or internship can be challenging. Highlighting relevant qualifications during a job search is one way to accomplish this task. When writing a cover letter for an internship, it is important to emphasize pertinent job experience, education, and skills that make you the ideal candidate. Even if your experience is limited, focusing on aspects of your education program that are closely related to the position can help make up for any lacking experience. Additionally, highlighting specialized skills not found in many other applicants could be the factor that sets you apart from the competition and shows the company your strengths and potential value as an intern.


Highlight Your Education

If you do not have much work experience then your educational background is your best way to show your potential for internships for entry level positions. Tell a recruiting company that your training is relevant to their job application and that it will be an advantage in their application. You might also be interested in working as a graphic designer. For effective internship resumes you must list the required courses as well as accomplishments in the field. How would this happen if Visual Design majors completed courses to build professional portfolios?

Respect the Cover Letter Format

Cover letters are not insignificant documents. As such, the formatting should be taken seriously and done properly. A standard business letter format is expected in a professional internship cover letter. This includes writing your address, the company’s address, a salutation and closing signature at the end of the document. In between these elements should be body paragraphs


Match Your Cover Letter & Resume Designs

Using the same fonts and colors between your resume and cover letter will create a more cohesive image of yourself to the hiring manager. Use similar language, font size, and design elements between both documents. Matching your resume could be the extra detail that helps you land the internship because it shows that you take measures to ensure a consistent image.


Focus on your motivation and passion

Generally speaking, internships have entry-levels. Many employers do not require formal experience. Instead, managers hire intern candidates that are enthusiastic and are interested in learning. These qualities show your ability to benefit greatly from your training. The resume lacks room to communicate enthusiasm or motivation. Therefore your resume is important to communicate that passion by describing the motivation you need for applying. How should I convey my motivation in cover letters during the job application process?


Emphasize Your Unique Traits

When writing a cover letter for an internship, it’s important to differentiate yourself from other applicants by emphasizing the qualities that make you unique. If you are creative, be sure to mention that and provide concrete examples of this creativity. If communication is one of your strong suits, talk about any past experiences where you successfully relayed information or interacted with customers or colleagues. Whatever skill sets make you stand out, make sure to include them in your internship cover letter so that potential employers can get a clear idea of what kind of addition you will be to the internship team.


To Get The Reader’s Attention, Speak To Any Highly Relevant Skills

Spend some time thinking about the skills that make you a great fit for this particular internship, and use them to craft a powerful introduction. For example, if the job description mentions that research skills are a must-have for the position, mention in your opening paragraph how your past experience has made you an expert researcher. This will immediately showcase why you


Speak To Soft Skills In Addition To Highly Relevant Skills

As a student, you may not have as much work force experience. Instead a great cover letter will highlight soft skills as well as relevant skills. Great example of soft skills learned in college include:

  • Quick Thinking – ability to make decisions on the fly and think outside of the box
  • Teamwork – ability to work in a group, share ideas and collaborate
  • Leadership – effective management skills for leading projects or groups
  • Critical Thinking – an analytical mindset that helps solve complex problems
  • Problem Solving – Ability to identify issues and create viable solutions.
  • Strong Communication Skills -O ral and written communication skills are invaluable in almost any role. Internships are no exception, so make sure to mention your strong verbal and written communication skills

Outline Your Goals

Writing a cover letter for an internship is a great opportunity to show your passion and commitment to the internship of interest. Begin by outlining your career goals for the internship, explaining how it can help propel you towards achieving them. Make sure to mention any relevant education, experience or skills that make you an ideal candidate for this internship. Along with providing reasons why you should be considered, focus on how you will bring value to the role while contributing to the overall mission of the organization. This type of information shows that you recognize the importance of this internship and are serious about pursuing it. Let your enthusiasm shine through and demonstrate how eager you are to learn more as your career progresses.


Talk About Class Projects You Helped Lead

It’s important to include a section in your cover letter highlighting any class projects you’ve led that align with the internship role. Describe any relevant coursework or special projects that provided applicable knowledge and experience for this job. This helps show a potential employer you are already familiar with some of the skills needed for the position, making it easier for them to consider you for the role. It also helps emphasize that you are already equipped with knowledge and experience, which can prove beneficial to your intern duties.


Personalize The Cover Letter

When writing an internship cover letter, it’s important to personalize each cover letter. Refrain from using generic language or copying and pasting a template. Instead, show that you’re genuinely interested in the role by customizing the content based on your skills and experiences. Incorporate key words or phrases from the job description into your document so employers can easily identify the qualifications you possess. Doing this shows that you have taken the time to fully understand what is required for the position, and it proves that you are a serious and dedicated candidate. Additionally, make sure to address your letter to the appropriate individual or department within the company. This shows your professional demeanor and respect for their time and will demonstrate your commitment to the position. To make the job of creating a personalized cover letter effortless and hassle-free, why not use an AI cover letter builder?


End On A Positive Note

End your internship cover letter on a positive note, emphasizing your interest in the role and ensuring that the hiring manager understands why you are the ideal candidate. Take this time to sum up all of the skills, qualifications and activities that make you an excellent fit for this specific internship opportunity. This will be a powerful final impression and may increase your chances of standing out over other applicants. Ultimately, end with strong enthusiasm towards the internship and thank them for their consideration.


Check For Mistakes & Errors

Finally, spellcheck and proofread your cover letter before submitting it. This ensures that employers will be able to read it without any grammar or spelling mistakes, which is essential in making a great first impression. A well-crafted internship cover letter can be the key to securing an internship opportunity and gaining valuable


Take Inspiration From Example Cover Letters, Even If They Aren’t Internship Focused

We always recommend checking out example cover letters when writing your own. It can be helpful to read through a few samples just to get an idea of the type of content and style to include in the document. Even if these examples aren’t specifically related to internships, they still have great advice and tips that will help you write an effective one. Here’s a link to some great cover letter examples.

In conclusion, an effective cover letter for an internship should introduce you, highlight your qualifications, demonstrate passion, emphasize your unique traits, and outline your goals. Closing on a positive note will make the employer excited to further consider you as a candidate. As a result of this blog post, hopefully your cover letter writing skills have been sharpened. To make the cover letter writing stage even easier for you, utilize our cover letter builder which uses AI in order to help craft a winning document! Good luck in achieving your goal to land that dream internship!

Internship Cover Letter FAQ

Do internships need a cover letter?

Cover letters are very reasonable. They can give you information about the position you have in your job application without leaving any space. Therefore cover letters should be incorporated into any internship application and be able to compliment your application.

How long should a cover letter be for an internship?

Cover Letters are usually shorter than 1-2 pages with 1-2 paragraphs. Your letter will normally contain about 150 – 400 words. Margins: You should use standard 1-inch margins, but you may have margins that are smaller. 5 inches.

Should I write a cover letter for internship?

A cover letter does not just show a company why you’re hiring you. They’ve given me a way to share how your internship would help me. What are the best ways for you to improve your skills?

Do graduate students still need to apply for internships?

Graduate students should never skip out on the opportunity to apply for internships, as interns can be a great asset to any organization. Their dedication and contributions towards achieving success in their projects are of immense value and importance.

Internship Cover Letter Template

Below is an example of a cover letter for an internship. If you want to create a more personalized cover letter for each job you’re applying to, use our AI cover letter builder.


Dear __________,

I am applying for an intern position with your company and I believe I have the qualifications to be a great fit. My background in business administration and customer service, as well as my strong written and verbal communication skills make me ideal for this internship.


I am highly organized and efficient when it comes to completing tasks and meeting deadlines. I am also a motivated self-starter who likes to take initiative in all projects that I work on. During my time in college, I have taken multiple courses in Adobe Suite, economics, accounting and business management which has given me an advantage when it comes to understanding how businesses operate.

I am confident that my combination of academic and work experience make me the perfect candidate for this internship. I am eager to apply my knowledge and skills to this position, as well as learn more in order to be successful.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon and discussing how I can help your company reach its goals.



Your name.

Make Your Internship Cover Letter More Personalized With AI

Use YourCoverLetter to build a cover letter for internship using our AI cover letter builder. YourCoverLetter will automatically take details in such as your key skills, information about the prospective employer, and more to create a great cover letter.